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All our pizza dough is now made with 100% Wildfarmed flour – helping British farmers bring life back into fields across the UK. And with a 50% reduction in the carbon footprint and a focus on soil health, our dough is treading a little lighter on the planet.



We’re passionate about delicious pizza. And want everyone to enjoy it for generations (and generations, and generations) to come. So that’s why we’re taking the impact of our food to heart and why we’re committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

By partnering with Wildfarmed, who share our belief that pizza flour can be made better for people, planet and plate, we’re pioneering a new way of doing things.


Wildfarmed has built a community of growers across the UK who farm in a way that works with nature and brings life back to our fields.

It’s called regenerative farming and means that:


  • Wildfarmed focus on putting life back into our landscapes
  • Wildfarmed never use harmful chemicals on their crops, protecting the wheat, wildlife, rivers and soils.
  • Wildfarmed work with nature to build fertility and resilience in our landscapes, meaning we can continue to produce nutritious food for years to come.
  • Wildfarmed farmers grow more than one variety of wheat in the same field, and more than just wheat, they grow their wheat alongside flowers and grasses. All of this helps to bring birds, bees and butterflies back into the fields that grow their flour.
  • Wildfarmed are the first group of UK arable farmers working to third party audited regenerative standards.

We’re proud to say that sourcing our flour from Wildfarmed has led to a 50% reduction in the carbon footprint of our pizza dough. It’s just one of the little decisions we make which has a big impact.

We know that understanding the environmental impact of the food we eat can be complicated. Since 2022, we’ve been working with Foodsteps to look at the carbon emissions of our menu, to help you (and us) understand the impact of the ASK dishes we know and love.

We calculated that our previous dough’s footprint came to 0.64kg of CO2e per 1kg of uncooked dough  (CO2e/kg), by bringing Wildfarmed flour in our mix we’re reducing 50% of our dough’s emissions, bringing our impact down to 0.32 of CO2e/kg.



This is our most significant reduction to date but it’s just the beginning of our journey to becoming a more sustainable business. For more information about how our dough’s and other menu item’s carbon footprint is calculated, visit https://www.foodsteps.earth/ask-italian

For more information about our carbon emission journey, please check our parent company’s reporting at: https://www.azzurrigroup.co.uk/governance-and-reporting.

Foodsteps conducted a life cycle analysis for Wildfarmed in 2023. This followed the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard and aligned with the principles of ISO 14040 standard. Foodsteps did not assume any carbon sequestration or removals in these numbers, or apply credits for ancillary environmental benefits.

The lower CO2e*/kg figure refers to the lower input farming system and should be taken as a conservative estimate. Foodsteps and Wildfarmed continue to work together to more fully capture the comparative environmental benefits of Wildfarmed. For more information about Foodsteps’ methodology see: www.foodsteps.earth/ask-italian

*CO2e refers to the impact of greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide in terms of equivalent global warming potential of carbon dioxide.

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